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Upload a personal statement on your candidacy in the Amin Tzibur Program including how you view your role in the synagogue, your personal history and religious background, and your vision of the relationship between clergy and senior administrator. Please include a statement of your personal theology, religious practice, relationship to the Jewish community and the State of Israel.
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Please provide a description of your engagement with Jewish religious practices and education. This should include, but not be limited to, your observance of kashrut, Shabbat, Jewish festivals, and tefillot. Additionally, elaborate on your Jewish educational background, particularly focusing on your recent, current, and/or ongoing Jewish study. As part of this statement, please include a transcript of all adult-level courses completed within 3 years, as well as any current or future study plans. This information will help us understand the depth of your commitment and connection to Jewish traditions and learning.
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UPLOAD A LETTER FROM YOUR MENTORING CLERGY, SIGNING OFF ON THE FOLLOWING CONFIRMATION: "I affirm that the above candidate for a Teudat Amin is engaged in their synagogue work in areas of Jewish life under my guidance and mentorship, and that they are a recognized leader in their congregation. I attest that the above candidate performs duties consistent with the goals of the Amin Tzibur program." - name, congregation, date
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UPLOAD TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION, PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING GUIDANCE TO YOUR REFERENCE WHEN COMPLETING: Please provide your name and role at synagogue. Share information relating to the candidate’s work in the synagogue and the Jewish community. Please indicate the role the candidate plays within the congregation and community working with the clergy and the membership related to ritual and religious matters. Please include areas of such as the candidate’s sacerdotal duties, Judaic study, personal observance, synagogue skills, professional growth, and commitment to Conservative Judaism.
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    I hereby apply to become commissioned as an Amin Tzibur and apply for consideration for the Teudat Amin awarded jointly by the North American Association of Synagogue Executives, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.