Joint Retirement Board

Who Puts the “J” Into The JRB?

In 1998, the Joint Retirement Board revised and shortened its name from what had been an attempt to include all the names of the constituent organizations, a real mouthful, to more simply, the Joint Retirement Board for Conservative Judaism.

Serving a wide constituency of professional staff members of the Rabbinical Assembly, The Cantors Assembly, the North American Association of Synagogue Executives, the Jewish Educators Assembly, the Jewish Theological Seminary, and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the JRB is a non-profit body that provides retirement, insurance and planning services. Your membership in NAASE makes you eligible to participate and to benefit.

Information regarding this wonderful option for retirement and estate planning for Executive Directors actively serving congregations in the Conservative Movement or regions of United Synagogue, is available from the JRB office in New York City at (212) 947-2400 or by e-mail to Mitchell Smilowitz, the COO of the JRB. NAASE’s representative at the JRB is David Rothenberg, FSA, ATz.