The Harry Hauser NAASE Service Award

The “Harry Hauser NAASE Service Award” was developed to honor a person who makes a significant contribution to our NAASE community through their time, actions, talents, and dedication The honoree selected should serve as a role model for compassion, and service and be striving to make NAASE a better organization. The recipient should have a passion for helping others in our association.

About the award

Any regular member of NAASE in good standing may be nominated.

The Person being nominated for this award will have consistently demonstrated qualities of compassion, and service to NAASE including a variety of volunteer activities.

Nominations and Selection Process
Nominations will be solicited from all members of the association. Selection will be made by the Executive Committee.

Judging Criteria

  • The degree to which their services/ actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution or impact to NAASE.
  • The length and degree of their service(s); (at least 3 years).
  • The extent to which their service or action might be considered above and beyond the call of duty.
  • The extent to which their action would be recognized and valued by their peers/ community leaders.

The Harry Hauser NAASE Award winner is honored at the NAASE Yearly Convention.

Our Inaugural Honoree in 2023

Harry Hauser

We were honored to present the inaugural 2023 award at our conference in Orlando, Florida to Harry Hauser, for whom the award is named, and who served NAASE with expertise and love for the organization for 22 years as our Executive Director, until his retirement in 2021. We were thrilled to present Harry with this a fitting recognition and expression of gratitude and pride for his forty-plus years of dedicated and diverse service in the field of synagogue management.