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Published periodically by the North American Association Of Synagogue Executives (NAASE), the NAASE Journal showcases a range of articles that parallel the diverse interests of synagogue executives, drawn from the expertise of members, and from sources in allied professional fields.

Feature articles explore issues in depth, companion pieces present alternative views, and member reactions fill out the composite image of the diverse Conservative director as leader, innovator, visionary and Renaissance person.

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  • Ethical Decisions in a World of Intricacies
    Mark Block, FSA
  • Transition (The Fourteenth Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Marcia Newfeld, FSA
  • Tzorkhei Tzibur: Ministering to the Needs of the Community (The 2016 Amin Tzibur Lecture)
    Randy E. Spiegel, FSA, ATz
  • Practical Wisdom: The Heart of the Business
    Rabbi Rikki Arad
  • The Executive Director as Leader (The Thirteenth Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Fred Rothstein, FSA
  • Jewish Ethics in our Jobs
    Tamah Kushner
  • “If I Am Not For Myself, Who Will Be For Me?”
    Amy Alfred, Ph.D.
  • HUBBRIS: Long-term Executive Directors Beware
    Livia Thompson, FTA
  • Mens Sana in Corpore Sano: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body
    Harvey M. Brenner, FSA, FTA
  • Hillel and Harvard
    Kara Wisialowski
  • You Are What You Learn
    Barbara Merson
  • Caring for Your Staff (And Yourself!)
    Steven D. Bram, FTA
  • The Challenges of the Ever-Changing Professional Life
    Ed Altman
  • Confession of a Synagogue ED and the Path to Balance
    Bekki Harris Kaplan
  • March 2013 Installation: The Presidential Acceptance Speech
    Marc M. Neiwirth, FSA, ATz
  • “Over There”: The 2014 Israel Solidarity Mission
    Deb Finkelstein
  • 21st Century Membership Models
    Mark Block, FSA
  • Blueprint for Establishing the Basics for a Successful Capital Campaign
    Mark Block, FSA
  • “Living Outside the Box”: Milking Your Synagogue’s Building and Grounds for Ancillary Income
    Eric Stone, FSA
  • A Lesson at Passover
    Eric Levine, FSA
  • The Importance of Endowments
    Eric Levine, FSA
  • When They Come, What Will They Find? (The 11th Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Robert Hill, FSA
  • If Not Me, Then Whom? – A Light Unto the Nations
    Steven Hecht, FSA
  • The Integrative Synagogue (The 12th Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Malcolm Katz, FSA
  • The Synagogue as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
    Harvey Brenner, FTA
  • The Role of Executive Director in a Crisis
    Rachel Gross
  • Budgeting: An Ongoing Year-Round Process
    Neal Price, FSA, ATz
  • Five Challenges to Managing for Success
    Glenn Easton, FSA, ATz
  • Both Sides Now: Balancing Work and Life as an Executive Director (The 9th Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Marc Neiwirth, FSA, ATz
  • The Necessity of Human Connection and Engagement in the Synagogue (The 10th Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Thomas Jablonski, FSA, FTA
  • Ideological Schizophrenia and Denominational Bewilderment: Conservative Theology in the Age of Personal Autonomy
    Bernard Goldblatt, FSA, ATz
  • Inreach and Outreach: Our Future
    Steven Hecht, FSA
  • ?Im Ein Kemach, Ein Torah? – If There is No Flour, There Can be No Torah (The 8th Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Rabbi William Lebeau
  • Becoming A True Leader (The 5th Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Gilbert Kleiner, FSA
  • Our Tents May Be large Enough, But Are They Truly Accessible
    Alan Teperow
  • Warm and Welcoming: A Never-Ending Goal
    Henry feller
  • Re-Envisioning the Synagogue Executive Director in the Twenty First Century (The 7th Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Harry Silverman, FSA
  • The New Reality for a Post Katrina Synagogue
    Michael Landy, FSA
  • Synagogue Leadership: A Community Development Model (And I’m Not Talking About Money!)
    Andrew Hoffman
  • Are We Truly Up For Tikkun Olam?
    Dr. Richard Lederman
  • A Homeless Shelter in the Synagogue: Spreading Over Others in the Sukkah of God’s Peace
    Robert Hill, FSA
  • Sof Hadavar End of Discussion: Writing Our Own Story
    Meir Lakien
  • The Synagogue Director and Financial Development: Old Myths and New Realities (The 6th Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Amir Pilch, FSA
  • Establishing Visual Guidelines for your Congregation
    Robert Festenstein, FSA
  • The Executive Director as an Instrument of Holiness
    Marc M. Neiwirth, FSA, ATz
  • Teshuvot by the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards That Affect Synagogue Management: What Does the Executive Director Need to Know
    Rabbi Joel Roth
  • Synagogue Membership Dues: Good News and Bad News: A Need for New Synagogue Membership Focus and Funding
    Glenn S. Easton, FSA, ATz, and Marcia K. Newfeld, FSA
  • The Lay/Professional Partnership: Working Toward a Congregational Model
    Caroline Musin
  • Sof Hadavar-End of Discussion: Money in Synagogues
    Rabbi Mordechai Liebling
  • The Same Pod But Not Identical Peas
    Harry Hauser, NAASE Executive Director
  • Synagogue Budgets: A Comparative Look at Revenue and Expenses and an Executive Summary of the Data
    Luis Dorfman, Gabriel Miller, Glenn Easton, FSA, ATz
  • Who Am I?
    (The 4th Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)

    Harvey Gold, FSA
  • Insurance Risk Management for the Synagogue Executive
    Josef Raboy, FSA
  • Mentoring: Having One, Being One, Enriching Yourself Professionally
    Lisa Harris Glass, FSA
  • Successful Fundraisers Don’t Just Ask For Money
    Stephen J. Goldstein
  • How to Create and Manage Your Synagogue’s E-mail Newsletter
    Raj Khera
  • The NAASE Toolbox: Finding The Right Tool For The Right Job
    Harry Hauser, NAASE Executive Director
  • NAASE Professional Recognition: Certification
    Michael L. Simmons, FSA, ATz
  • HaKoach B’Yadenu: We Have The Power In Our Hands (The 3rd Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Bernice Levine, FSA
  • A Convention Perspective: Our Five Pillars
    Larry DeBruin
  • Security: One Synagogue’s Experience
    Irwin Davison
  • Jews As Chosen People and As Choosers of Judaism
    David I. Rothenberg, FSA, ATz
  • Kind David’s 23rd Psalm: Its Meaning For Executive Directors
    Gilbert Kleiner, FSA
  • Choosing A Financial Manager
    Marcia K. Newfeld, FSA
  • The Charitable Paradox Facing Our Synagogues
    Nadine M. Strauss
  • Jewish Life In The South: Suggested Readings
    Carl Hayslett
  • The NAASE Journal: Revealing The Fountain
    Harry Hauser, NAASE Executive Director
  • The Administrative Resource Center
    Danielle Hornick
  • Synagogue Transformation and the Synagogue Executive (The 2nd Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Neal S. Price, FSA, ATz
  • Synagogue Compensation: One Approach
    Glenn S. Easton, FSA, ATz
  • NAASE: From Torah to Doing Torah
    Michael L. Simmons, FSA, ATz
  • The Internal Revenue Service Tax Exempt Status
    Robert D. Festenstein
  • Defining Our Profession: Synagogue Administration in the 21st Century (The 1st Annual Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture)
    Glenn Easton, FSA, ATz
  • The Executive Director as a Facilitator of Mitzvot
    Michael L. Simmons, FSA, ATz
  • Like it or Not… It’s Time To Take Security Seriously
    Malcolm Katz, FSA
  • Communication Aids: The Uses of Automated Phone Dialers
    Michael Muderick
  • Ten Easy Ways to Kill Your Congregation
    Rabbi Robert Tabak and Eleanor Weinglass
  • Two Models for Performance Appraisal of Synagogue Executive Directors
    Submitted by Maurice Ross and David Brook
  • Appreciating Synagogue Professionals
    Rabbi Jerome Epstein
  • My Week of Study at the JTSA
    Irwin Davison
  • Amin Tzibur Program
    Glenn Easton, FSA, ATz
  • Jewish Employment Obligations of Synagogues and Administrators
    Glenn Easton, FSA, ATz
  • A Brief History of the Synagogue
    Neal Price, FSA, ATz
  • The Not So Small Capital Campaign
    Dr. Robert Allender
  • The New Building: What We have Learned After Living In It For Four Years
    Malcolm Katz, FSA
  • Creating the Future
    Lou Wernick
  • Y2K, Technology and the Synagogue
    Randy Gorod
  • Thoughts and Considerations on Personal Disability Income Insurance
    Larry F. Alexander
  • What Do We Do With The Time We Have?
    Stanley I. Minch, FSA
  • Bringing Your Cemetery Back To Life
    Joel Don Goldstein
  • Recollections Of the Past Presidents 1948 – 1997: Revisiting Our Past (Excerpts) Nov. 1952 – Fall 1969
    Journal Editors
  • 1996 Address To Executive Directors
    Rabbi Edwin P. Farber
  • NAASE and PALS
    Stanley Minch, FSA
  • The Week Of Study At The JTS
    Robert Hill, FSA
  • The Executive Director: Feminine Gender
    The Journal Editors
  • The NAASE Conference At JTS
    Rabbi William Lebeau
  • The Jews Of China
    Allan Ross, FSA
  • Parsonage For Synagogue Administrators
    Glenn Easton, FSA, ATz, and Mark Greenstein
  • Evaluating The Executive
    Iris P. Henley
  • D’var Torah
    Roberta Greenberg
  • A Cuban Jew In America
    Mijel Brazlavsky
  • Portfolio Management For Synagogue Administrators
    Stuart J. Zimmerman
  • The Devil Is In The Details
    Laurence H. Meyer
  • Strategic Plan: A Synagogue Approach
    Jeffrey M. Zirulnick, FSA
  • A Guide For Synagogue Facility Expansion: The Role of the Executive Director
    Judith Kranz, FSA, ATz
  • The Role Of A Personnel Manual in the Conservative Synagogue
    Gilbert Kleiner, FSA
  • Anti-Semitic Incidents Against Conservative Synagogues and Response
    Chaya Vidal
  • The Congregation and Hurricane Andrew
    Jeffrey Zirulnick, FSA
  • Synagogue Renewal
    Rabbi Steven Greenberg
  • Integrity: Our Most Precious Asset
    Rabbi Jerome M. Epstein
  • The Changing Jewish Family in the 1990’s: Implications For The Synagogue
    Steven Bayme
  • Of Synagogue Significance
    Myron E. Schoen, FTA
  • Educating Your Board
    Suzanne S Connell, FSA
  • Synagogue Insurance: Spiritual and Financial
    Ike Shalom, FSA
  • The Art Of Time Management
    Thomas J. Quirk
  • Hiring and Firing: Preventative Maintenance
    Dr. Howard Schwartz
  • Restructuring The Contemporary Synagogue
    Gary A. Tobin
  • Jewish Megatrends: Planning For the 21 st Century
    Dr. Steven Huberman
  • The Ten Commandments Of Reinforcement
    David Hingsburger
  • Professional Growth: Joint NASA-JTS Study Program
    Marilyn Zirl, FSA
  • The Program: Talmud Torah Lishmah
    Rabbi William H. Lebeau
  • The JTS Study Program: What Was It Like?
    Reactions From Our Colleagues
  • Ten Demandments for Getting Along with the Rabbi
    Rabbi Martin Levin
  • PALS: NASA’s Outreach Program
    Marilyn Zirl, FSA
  • Marketing Your Congregation
    Dr. Gary A. Tobin
  • The Administrator and Dynamics Of Synagogue Life
    Joseph Reimer
  • The Synagogue As Organized Anarchy: An Alternate Approach To Synagogue Administration
    Susan L. Shevitz
  • Ensuring The Financial Future Of The Synagogue: Thoughts On Synagogue Fundraising
    Helen Jeffrey Kadish
  • The Synagogue Masterplan
    Jonathan Leffell
  • How To Cash In On Your Accomplishments
    Daniel P. Harrison
  • Why… Convention?
    Harvey R. Gold, FSA
  • The Rebirth Of A Torah
    Morton Engle, FSA
  • My Al Chet (A Poem)
    Vivian Spector
  • Innovative Planning Methods for Temples
    Dr. Gary Tobin
  • Establishing Record Retention Records
    James E. Anderson
  • Membership As A Fundraiser
    Ike Shalom, FSA
  • A Day In The Life
    Linda Long, FSA
  • Helpful Hints
    Steven S. Greene
  • Volunteers In The Synagogue: One Approach
    Glenn Easton, FSA, ATz
  • Computers Enhance Volunteerism
    Glenn Easton, FSA, ATz
  • Managing Interpersonal Relations: A Case In Point
    Marilyn Zirl, FSA
  • Perception vs Reality: Planning Your B’ldg Campaign
    Steven S. Greene
  • Pitfalls In Synagogue Capital Fundraising
    Russell Finer, FSA
  • Jewish Stereotypes
    William B. Helmriech
  • Endowment and Capital Fundraising
    Barry P. Wilf
  • Public Relations and Publicity
    Morton Engle, FSA
  • Views On The Convention, Toronto, 1989
    Ruth Podeswa, Gloria Polsky
  • Israel Remembrances
    Evelyn Segal, Enid Edell
  • This Year In Jerusalem
    Michael Lowenstein
  • Down Here (A Poem)
    Seymour Maine
  • Holocaust Education Week
    Roberta L. Bernstein
  • Why Not Another Dues Increase?
    Channah J. Mestel
  • Synagogue Financial Trends: A Survey
    Glenn Easton,FSA, ATz, and Irma Lee Ettinger, FSA
  • The Real FSA… Forgotten Synagogue Administrator
    Leo Wilner
  • The FSA Is For You
    Barbara S. Morris, FSA
  • The Young Children’s Family Program of Adath Isarel
    Marion Rosenblatt
  • Soviet Jewry Twinning
    Morton Engle, FSA
  • Major and Mini Retreats Increase Membership Ruach
    Roberta Lesner Bernstein
  • High Holy Days Security
    Roberta Aronovitch, FSA
  • The Synagogue And Its Professional Administrator
    Morrie Klians, FSA
  • Synagogue Automation
    Glenn Easton, FSA, ATz
  • Tribute To A Jewish Hero
    Dr. Gary Tobin
  • A Tale Of A Small Step Toward Mutual Understanding
    Marilyn Zirl, FSA
  • Forming A Kehillah Committee
    Roberta Lesner Bernstein
  • Do You Remember Huyton?
    Robert Fox
  • Looking To The Future: Synagogues In The 1990’s
    Dr. Gary Tobin
  • The Synagogue Administrator: A Rare Breed
    Leo Wilner
  • “A Time To Play… A Time To Pray!”
    Ronnie Greenberg