Amin Tzibur Certification

The purpose of the Amin Tzibur Program is to recognize the Judaic knowledge, skills, and work of senior synagogue administration professionals in congregational life. Individuals commissioned as an Amin Tzibur are distinguished professionals who, through blending executive-level responsibilities with ritual roles on behalf of their synagogue, elevate the field of synagogue administration and encourage qualified and dedicated Jewish communal workers to consider a career in the synagogue setting.

Conferred by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and the North American Association of Synagogue Executives and recognized by one’s congregation, participants are awarded a Teudat Amin and commissioned an Amin Tzibur, one who faithfully devotes oneself to the ministration of the community and the rebuilding of Eretz Yisrael.

Letter from the Chair:

Dear Colleague,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you into the process of being commissioned an Amin Tzibur. The Amin Tzibur (ATz) course of Jewish study, observance, and commitment was developed for a select group of synagogue executives who are recognized by their congregations not only as the chief operational and financial officer of the congregation, but also as a religious leader. These individuals, along with the rabbi(s) and cantor(s) of their congregations, serve in numerous sacerdotal areas of service, and are examples of Jewish living and a resource of Judaic knowledge to their congregants. 

Since 1999, the Amin Tzibur commission has been awarded to fewer than a dozen individuals. Upon completion of the requirements and receiving your commission, you will become a member of this special group of individuals who are recognized by the Conservative Movement and their own congregation as klei kodesh. In the course of your study and preparation, we encourage you to contact others who have been awarded the commission of ATz for guidance and assistance.

We wish you all the best in this unique opportunity to grow as a Jew and to serve your congregation and Klal Yisrael.

Matthew G. Halpern, FSA, ATz

Past Recipients

Since its establishment in 1999, NAASE has commissioned ten Aminai Tzibur:

  • Glenn S. Easton, FSA, ATz (1999)

  • Judith Kranz, FSA, ATz (1999)

  • Neal S. Price, FSA, ATz (1999)

  • Michael L. Simmons, FSA, ATz (2001)

  • David I. Rothenberg, FSA, ATz (2003)

  • Marc M. Neiwirth, FSA, ATz (2005)

  • Michael Schatz, FSA, ATz (2008)

  • Bernard Goldblatt, FSA, ATz (2009)

  • Randy Spiegel, FSA, ATz (2016)

  • Matthew G. Halpern, FSA, ATz (2019)