Mentor Parnerships


The NAASE Mentor Partnership Initiative, is designed to offer peer-to-peer assistance in identifying and strengthening professional skills, networking opportunities, resources and methodology.

Working closely with the Membership Committee, the newly revitalized Network Partnering Committee supports the membership integration and professional growth and development efforts of individual NAASE members, as they acclimate to their new profession. By pairing and bringing together new members with longer-standing colleagues, the growing one-on-one partnerships allow for personal introductions and peer-to-peer networking opportunities throughout the year and across programming events, as well as responsive conversation whenever sought. Individuals may wish to gradually add to their Network Partners throughout the year, and find additional colleagues to serve as nurturing agents of information, support and guidance.

Requesting partners need not be new to the field of synagogue administration, nor are the responding partners expected to be experts in all matters of synagogue management.

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Early responses to this new and exciting program have been most encouraging. More information is available by contacting Network Partnering Chairs at