Regional Groups

A valuable and evolving professional resource lies in the far-reaching network of seventeen regional and local groups that span the United States and Canada. Executive Directors with common geographic bonds meet regularly with colleagues from different sized congregations, often including reform and orthodox Directors.

A variety of scheduled monthly or quarterly midday meetings (generally luncheons) bring speakers on special topics to the groups, focused timely discussions, opportunities to enter into collective agreements of mutual congregational benefit, demonstrations of available technology and other administrative know-how.

Each group operates autonomously and decides its own agenda and policies. But the feedback is always good… meetings are well-attended and programs are diverse. We urge all NAASE members to inquire from the contact person listed below, about the closest local group and the schedule of activities for the coming year.

Group Name Region Covered Contact Person Telephone
MATSAA Seaboard Region Barry Nove (703) 998-6460
CT Valley Connecticut Valley Steven Lander 203-322-6901
SEDAR Atlanta Adam Kofinas 404-633-1737
MATSA New England TBD
GANSE Northern NJ Michelle Malkin 973-338-1500;111
Metro NYC Greater New York City and Long Island Stuart Botwinick 516-487-0900
Michigan Michigan TBD
DVASA Delaware Valley Ben Wachstein 717-232-0556
BATA Northern California Risa Beckwith 650-948-7498
CASED Chicago Nancy Holab Nevins 847-446-7215
Northwest Portland Area Fred Rothstein, FSA 503-246-8831
PATA Southern California Sheryl Goldman, FSA 310-652-7353
PASTE Pittsburgh Drew Barkley 412-521-6788
STAT Toronto TBD 416-221-3433
FASTA South Florida Lynne Balaban 954-384-8265
MATSA Rocky Mtn Area TBD

For more information about the program of Regional Groups, or to assist in establishing groups in areas not currently served by such groups, please contact NAASE’s Regional Groups Chairman, Barry Nove, by e-mail.