For Executive Directors…

A variety of programs and services are available under the auspices of NAASE to serve the professional needs of individual Executive Directors and the general administrative and programmatic needs of the congregations they serve.

Some are contributory programs by which professional administrators share their acquired experience for the mutual benefit of professional colleagues, and others are resource access in nature, through which information is available for specific purposes.

All are readily available to NAASE members, and we urge you to explore them and to participate in sustaining these vital resources.

For Congregations…

Because of its well-deserved reputation for administrative and management excellence, NAASE is often called upon to share its collective expertise with congregational leaders facing unusual challenges.

Executive Directors with specific expertise in a host of areas serve as liaisons through the NAASE-USCJ CCS program or as individual consultants to the Biennial Convention of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Both of these vehicles elevate NAASE’s commitment to actively participating in the shaping of the future of the Conservative Movement.

Similarly, the NAASE Journal is a publication that presents articles and reviews on a variety of synagogue managerial issues and procedures that may be of interest to congregational lay leadership as well.

In a very popular program jointly sponsored, promoted and administered by NAASE and USCJ, congregations that replace substantial quantities of siddurim, machzorim and/or chumashim often make their no-longer needed prayer books and other ritual items available to others at minimal or no cost, usually asking the recipient congregations simply to arrange for pick-up or bear the shipping costs. This listing makes it easier for congregations and other groups to ascertain what’s available to them simply by reaching out to the listed liaison. .