About the Association

Its Mission . . .

The North American Association of Synagogue Executives (NAASE) is a Jewish membership organization serving the professional needs of executives of Conservative Synagogues.

Its Vision . . .

NAASE serves as the central resource for professional development, job placement, information-sharing, and peer support for executives serving in Conservative congregations, and to raise the profile of the Association in the Conservative Movement and the Jewish Community by:

  • Bringing together synagogue executives to further the development of their professional skills, thus enabling each member to serve his or her congregation as effectively as possible.
  • Providing the necessary resources to achieve success as a synagogue executive.
  • Raising the level of awareness among clergy and lay leadership about the value and expertise qualified executives bring to their synagogues.
  • Fostering an appreciation of Jewish values, Klal Yisrael and Conservative Judaism.
  • Developing positive and collaborative relationships with other organizations that foster our mission.

Its Core Values . . .

  • Community / KehillahWe value a caring and welcoming NAASE community in which we share our knowledge, experience, and collective wisdom. We value spending time with our colleagues in person, at conferences, at opportunities for study, and online in our listserv, webinars and administrative resource center.
  • Education / LimudWe value professional education as a career-long endeavor to become more effective and professional Executive Directors thereby ensuring the highest level of service to our congregations. We also value continuing Jewish education as it enhances our understanding of the communities we serve.
  • Ethical Standards / MusarWe value a community whose members behave in a fair and ethical manner, as defined by the Torah and our sages, and in keeping with our religious traditions.
  • Love of Israel / Ahavat YisraelWe value our ties with Israel and its people. We value the importance of the State of Israel to the continued existence of the Jewish people, and the opportunity to actively promote Israel in our congregations and communities.
  • Respect / Derech EretzWe value and respect every member of NAASE both personally and professionally. We expect this respect to guide our decisions, attitudes and behavior at all times. We value treating all people with kindness and respect.

Statement approved by the NAASE membership in its March 2014 Plenum.

Membership Information

If you are new to the field, and not yet a NAASE member, we’d love to talk with you! Please consider the membership information here. Further information and membership applications are available from NAASE’s membership office by e-mail to Membership@NAASE.org.