NAASE-USCJ Placement of Executive Directors

The role of the synagogue director has never been more vital. We’re delighted to offer this complimentary service to our USCJ-affiliated congregations. Whether you’re crafting a new role, transforming a current one, or looking to welcome a new Executive Director, we’re here to support you every step of the way.” –NAASE Placement Chair, Harvey Brenner, FSA, FTA 

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Welcome to an incredible opportunity for you, and for a special colleague. Explore some key information about the process.

See why and how we do what we do for our North American kehillot and beyond. Welcome to NAASE.

Services Offered:

– Job distribution to qualified candidates within the field.
– Expert consultation on position development & search strategies.
– Access to planning tools & sample contracts for congregational leaders.
– Follow-up consultation for your new executive as needed.

A Sacred Role

The Holy Work of the Kehillah’s (community’s) Executive Director

Crafting a Job Description

Triggering the Conversation: Goal-setting, Partnership, and Envisioning

Sample Interview Schedule

Structure a meaningful series of sessions as you explore a future together

Sample Interview Questions

A series of guided questions to help facilitate an informative conversation

Interview Evaluation Form

A rating system to help evaluate the candidate’s areas of strength and challenge

After Placement

Helping Other Congregations Search for Their Next Executive Director