NAASE Annual Webinar Series

The NAASE Webinar Series:
Live Conferencing with Experts to Enhance and Enrich our Effectiveness as Synagogue Professionals

Offered approximately 4-6 times a year, some webinars are brought to our participants through sole NAASE sponsorship, while others are jointly sponsored with NATA (the National Association for Temple Administration) and USCJ (the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism) among other occasional co-sponsors.

About the Webinars, the Facilitators and the Topics . . .

The enthusiasm of the presenters is contagious, and the benefits to participants and congregations are lasting and immeasurable, as skill-sets develop, insights are triggered, and resolve is generated.

Among the very popular webinar topics in recent years have been . . .

  • Synagogue Security Planning
  • Navigating in the Troubled Economy: Keeping Your Synagogue Afloat
  • Lessons Learned from a Decade of Strengthening the Jewish Community
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • What’s Mine is Yours, What’s Yours is Mine:
    A Practical Guide to Synagogue Mergers, Co-programming and Other Collaborations
  • What You Should Know About the Pew Research Study: The Changing Identity of Jewish Americans
  • Cyber-Security:
    How to Safeguard Your Databases, Websites, Email and Other Digital Information in a “Hacker-Frenzy” Environment
  • Donor Stewardship and Donor Cultivation
  • The Basics of Charitable-Giving Techniques
  • Agile Critical Thinking: Encouraging Better Leadership Techniques
  • “Introverts in the Church: Finding our Place in an Extroverted Culture”:
    A Facilitated Book Discussion
  • The Conservative Perspective and Policy Implications of the Pew Report
  • Guarding Against Fraud in Synagogue Organizations
  • Becoming a Vision-Driven Congregation
  • The Sustaining Number Dues Model: Three Case Studies
  • Changing the Conversation:
    Using New Measures of Success to Move from a Programmatic Culture to a Relational Culture
  • Marketing and Communications Best Practices
  • Exploring the New Federal (US) Overtime Pay Regulations
  • The Changing Realities of Congregational and Community Security
  • The New Nature of the Threat: A Briefing for Leadership and Security Personnel
  • Identifying and Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
  • Evolving Leadership for the Changing Marketplace
  • The Synagogue Executive Director: A Changing Role for Changing Times
  • Abusive Congregants and Boardroom Bullies: We’ve All Got Them!

and much, much more . . . !

The webinar sessions of the upcoming season promise to be equally powerful, timely and engaging for executive participants. The Distance Learning Committee invites your suggestions for future webinar topics and your participation.

We thank the many presenters, panelists, respondents and facilitators of all past webinars for their vision and their valued collective contribution toward the foundation upon which this treasured program now rests.

Tamah Kushner and Corie Hampton, Webinar and Distance Learning Chairpersons
Harvey M. Brenner, FSA, FTA, Senior Vice President for Programming