Available Ritual Items


Available Prayer Books and Other Ritual Items

Updated July, 2022

On occasion, congregations replace large quantities of siddurim, machzorim and/or chumashim and are happy to make their no-longer needed seforim and other ritual items available to others at minimal or no cost, usually asking the recipient congregations simply to arrange for pick-up or bear the shipping costs. Given the dynamic nature of such “transactions”, while this list is updated frequently, no assurance of availability, condition or quantity can be offered, with NAASE and USCJ serving simply as the announcement conduit for the information, as we receive it from the participating kehillot.

Please contact the individual named below directly to inquire about availability, condition, age, edition, shipping options and . . . .

Where SC is indicated in the Cost column, there is no cost other than actual shipping costs.

To list the availability of any such items, or to remove a listing once it no longer is active, please write to office@naase.org. We thank the listing congregations and their respective executives and other leaders for their generosity and their courtesies.

A note about searchability . . to search for anything on this list using your browser, type CONTROL – F and a small dialogue box will open, allowing you to search for any term or geographic location.

Available Items

Donor Congregation / Contact Item Quantity Cost Available
Congregation Nishmat Am
Plano, TX  Dani Haley
Mahzor Hadash 500 SC 12/22
Beth Shalom Congregation
Columbia, MD Jessica Schultz
Siddur Sim Shalom For Shabbat and Festivals 165 SC 07/22
Congregation Or Tzion
Scottsdale, AZcongregation@ortzion.org
Machzor Hadash 1000 SC 06/21
Glen Rock Jewish Center
Glen Rock, NJ
Michelle Strassberg
Machzor Hadash 250 SC 09/20
Temple Beth Tzedek
Amherst, NY
Dr. Laurence Boxer
Siddur Sim Shalom (1985 ed) 300 SC 07/20
Institute for Judaic Studies and Services
Tucson, AZ
Samuel Horowitz
Likrat Shabbat 128 SC 02/20
Congregation Beth Shalom
Napa Valley, CA
Margaret Tractenberg
Gates of Repentance Machzor (1978 ed) 200 SC 09/19
Temple Sinai – Oakland
Oakland, CA
Terrie Goren
Gates of Repentance Machzor (1978 ed) 1000 SC 09/19
Beth Abraham Congregation
Zanesville, OH
Art Rogovin
Harlow Machzor 128 SC 09/19
Temple Avodat Shalom
River Edge, NJ
Barbara Herman-Hoff
New Union Prayer Book: Days of Awe 920 SC 09/19
Temple Beth Israel
Longboat Key, FL
Isaac Azerad
Gates of Repentance Machzor 400 SC 08/19
Dayton, OH
Henry Stern
Hertz Chumash 40 SC 04/19
Temple Emanuel
Newton, MA
Sarah Bowlby
Rabbinical Assembly Machzor 1150 SC 11/18
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Winnipeg, MB
Ian Staniloff
Harlow Machzor (2nd Edition)
(With Congregation Shaarey Zedek imprinted on front cover)
1500 SC 10/18
Neve Shalom
Metuchen, NJ
Marge Wise
Siddur Sim Shalom 150 SC 07/18
Congregation Har Shalom
Potomac, MD
Carly Litwok
Siddur Shir Chadash (Youth and Family) 35 SC 07/18
Marlboro Jewish Center
Marlboro, NJ
Cantor Wayne Krieger
Machzor Chadash 1500 SC 05/18
Congregation Ner Tamid
San Fransisco, CA
Adele Shafer
Silverman Machzor
Rabbinical Assembly Machzor
SC 08/17
West End Synagogue
Nashville, TN
Marcia Stewart
Machzor Chadash 600 SC 08/17
Congregation Anshai Torah
Plano, TX
Harvey Swento
New Mahzor for RH/YK (1998, Greenberg/Levine) 500 SC 01/19
Am Hayam Havurah
Cape Cod, MA
Rebecca Holmes
Gates of Repentance 300 SC 05/17
Congregation of Moses
Kalamazoo, MI
Michelle Angel
Siddur Sim Shalom
Machzor Chadash
SC 04/19
Congregation Etz Chaim
Marietta, GA
Bob Bachrach
Siddur Sim Shalom 50 SC 03/17
Beth Jacob Congregation
Redwood City, CA
Gary Geller
Tiku Shofar (USCJ) 250 SC 05/17
Tifereth Israel Congregation
New Bedford, MA
Gershon Levine
Siddur Sim Shalom 300 SC 05/17
Temple Israel of Sharon
Sharon, MA
Karen Nahary
Silverman Machzor 800 SC 01/19
Anshe Emet Synagogue
Chicago, IL
Naomi Richman
Siddur Hadash
Harlow Machzor
Gates of Prayer
Sh’ma Koleinu
P’nei Shabbat Family Siddur
Russian Haggadot (RA Edition)
Selichot Booklets
SC 12/17
Beth Sholom Congregation
Frederick, MD
Marcia Newfeld, FSA
Eit Ratzon Siddur
Art Scroll Machzor
(Sukkot, Pesach, Shavuot)
40 each
SC 12/17

* LP refers to volumes that are Large Print editions.

Several Unusual Opportunities for the Acquisition of Bimah Furnishings, Memorial Panels and Torah Scrolls

Beth David Synagogue in Greensboro, NC has completed its newly refurbished Sanctuary. Our colleague Corie Hampton is making several furnishings available at no cost for an institution that can arrange for pickup or shipping.
ARC Doors and Bimah Furnishings
Specifically, one pair of Arc doors (78”W x120”H) and two pairs of matching Rabbi’s podium and Reader’s table (the second of the Reader’s tables is not shown in the photo above.) Specific information about all of these items is available from Corie by e-mail.


Our colleague Noah Levine of the Jewish Community Legacy Project expedites the sale and gifting of a variety of ritual items from congregations that are closing or are merging. Currently, his office is expediting the sale of a Torah in Pennsylvania and two Torahs in New York. In addition, a congregation in Rocky Mount, NC is looking for their Sanctuary items shown in the photo below, to be adopted by a synagogue or other Jewish institution. Please contact Noah Levine for more information.



Jamie Isaacson of the now-closed Beth Abraham Synagogue in Auburn, ME has been charged with selling the congregation’s three Torahs and a Haftorah scroll (see photo below), with the proceeds going to the synagogue’s Cemetery Perpetual Care Endowment Fund. Photos and specific information about all of these scrolls can be viewed here. You can e-mail Jamie for any additional information.

Thee Torahs and One Haftorah Scroll


Sadly, Congregation B’nai Torah in Highland Park, IL has closed after 60 years. But they are hoping to find a good home for their Ark, Ner Tamid, Menorah, and Twin Menorah Podia. (See the photos below.) Please contact Hillel Singer for more information at Hillel@konik.com.


The Ark: 8 feet wide x 8 feet tall x 3 feet deep
The Ner Tamid: 3-4 feet wide x 5-6 feet tall x 1 foot deep
The Menorah: 5 feet wide x 8 feet tall x 1 foot deep
The Menorah Podia: 4 feet wide x 3 feet tall (5 feet with stand)

Beth Abraham in Zanesville, OH


In Ohio, a longtime synagogue with a history that dates back to the 1890’s, is finally closing. A host of items are available for adoption from Beth Abraham Congregation in Zanesville, OH. Please contact Steve Edelstein for more information.

Beth Abraham in Zanesville, OH